EV Charger Installation

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric car ownership is on the rise, which means demand for electric vehicles EV charger installation points is at an all-time high. Install a home EV charging point or commercial business EV charging Installation on your property for easy access to power whenever you need it. Take advantage of safe overnight charging and never find yourself running out of battery again.

At Solar Steve Limited, we provide a number of options in car chargers, with a range of options and prices to suit every budget. We then match you with an expert, approved EV engineer in your area, so installation is quick and hassle-free. As an official accredited installer, Solar Steve Limited is recognised for professional services and behaviour as well. 

If your project fits the requirements to fit an EV charger, using our services and our network of approved engineers, you can access a cost effective EV charger installation system. We are passionate about providing the absolute best car chargers for businesses and home vehicle charging points, which is why we only stock the best equipment, work with the most trusted installers. We have years of experience installing EV charging points and can advise you on the best options to suit your car, lifestyle, property, and budget.

Types of EV Chargers

There are a number of different charging points available for electric vehicles. Every vehicle and vehicle owner is different, so what works for one won’t work for everyone. Check out different types of chargers below, and get to know your options.

3 Phase Car Charger

PHEV Charger

Wall Charger

Wall Charger

Solar EV Charger

Solar EV Charger

3 Phase Car Charger

3 Phase Car Charger

Solar EV Charging Manufacturers

At Solar Steve Limited, we have years of experience dealing with the best equipment and biggest manufacturers in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a home charging point, or charging points installed for your business, you should always trust an expert for advice and installation. Our extensive knowledge of conventional and solar EV charging points allows us to find the perfect solution to any EV charging needs. Some of the bestselling solar EV charging ports on the market include:

Myenergi Zappi

The Myenergi Zappi was the world’s first smart solar EV charger. It is perfect for giving you full control of your power output. With no wasted energy, you can be confident that your home and vehicle are as eco-friendly as possible.

There are three charging settings to choose from, eco, fast and eco+. Eco+ adjusts the charging output in response to changes in power consumption elsewhere in the home. This ensures that you are always in full control when you charge your EV. Solar steve limited provides professional Zappi EV charger installation services in Essex, UK.

EO Mini Pro 2

The EO Mini Pro 2 is the smallest EV charger on the market. This makes it perfect for blending discreetly into the design of your home. With a choice of colour options, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing solar EV charging options.

Don’t let its size fool you. The EO Mini Pro 2 is a fast and powerful smart EV charging point. It also comes with intelligent software that allows you to control and schedule your charging from your mobile device.

EV Charger Installation Process
in 6 Steps

EV charging Installation is a significant step towards embracing sustainable transportation. In this comprehensive guide, we outline the intricate process involved in setting up your very own EV charging point, ensuring safety, efficiency, and convenience.

Step 1:

Electrician's Arrival

The installation journey begins with the timely arrival of a professional electrician or a team at your doorstep. Upon arrival, they’ll introduce themselves and initiate the process, ensuring clear communication and understanding from the outset.

Step 2:

Choosing the Charger Location

Selecting the optimal location for your EV charger installation is necessary. Whether it’s on an external wall, inside the garage, or on the driveway, factors such as accessibility, cable length, and safety regulations come into play. The distance between the charger and the car’s socket should be less than 5 meters, minimizing cable length and ensuring efficient charging. 

Precautions must be taken to prevent accidental collisions with the charging point. Some EV chargers require the installation of an earth rod for enhanced safety. While this requirement is becoming less common, if needed, the electrician will identify a suitable location for the earth rod installation, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Step 3:

Cable Run Considerations

The ‘cable run’ refers to the path and distance the electrical cable traverses from the charger to the fuse box. It’s imperative to keep this distance under 15 meters for a standard installation, avoiding additional costs. During this phase, the electrician will discuss feasible routes for the cable, addressing visibility concerns and potential obstructions.

Step 4:

Fuse Box Inspection

Simultaneous to assessing the cable run, the electrician inspects the fuse box for compatibility and available space. Clearing the area around the fuse box beforehand facilitates easy access, streamlining the installation process. If required, the electrician may install a separate fuse box, commonly referred to as a ‘garage board,’ to accommodate the charger trip switch/RCBO.

Step 5:

Drilling and Clipping

With the groundwork laid, the electrician proceeds to drill into the designated wall for charger installation. This step not only secures the charger but also facilitates cable routing. The thick electrical cable is then securely clipped along the cable run, ensuring stability and minimising the risk of damage. In cases where additional drilling is necessary to reach the fuse box, the electrician provides upfront information regarding associated costs.

Step 6:

Testing and Setup

Modern EV charging points often require internet connectivity for optimal performance. The electrician configures the charger’s connectivity, either via SIM card or home broadband, facilitating remote monitoring and control. Additionally, assistance is provided in downloading and configuring the charger’s smartphone app, empowering users to manage charging schedules and settings effortlessly.

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Switch and Save on EV Charger Installation Costs

Electric Vehicle Charging At Night

Ev Charger Installation Cost UK

Discover the optimal solution for EV charger installation costs in the UK with Solar Steve Limited. By transitioning to an EV-friendly energy tariff, you have the opportunity to significantly diminish the expenses associated with charging your electric vehicle. With potential savings of nearly £10 per full charge, equating to substantial annual savings.

Solar Steve Limited empowers you to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs. Explore the finest energy deals tailored to charge your electric car at home and ensure that your EV remains cost-effective to operate. Choose Solar Steve Limited for tailored solutions and sustainable energy practices that drive your savings forward.

Home EV Charger Installation

For homeowners with off-street parking, we offer seamless installation of an EV charger directly at your property. This charger seamlessly connects to your mains electricity, supplying power to your vehicle via a connector cable. 

Simply plug your car into the charger and let it recharge. By utilising home charging, you can tap into cost-effective, environmentally friendly energy overnight. It’s the epitome of smart charging!

Home EV Charger Installation
Commercial EV Charger Installation

Thinking Of Commercial EV Charger Installation?

Attract a burgeoning community of EV drivers to your business by providing charging points. Solar Steve Limited offers a diverse selection of chargers tailored to meet the needs of any business, boasting a range of features and speeds.

Elevate your establishment’s appeal and sustainability with our comprehensive EV charging solutions. Contact Solar Steve Limited today to explore your options and enhance your business with EV charging capabilities!

Solar Steve Limited:
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Week after week, our customers entrust us EV Charger Installation in their homes. Our installation process is efficient and straightforward, with our team readily available to assist you every step of the way. We take care to protect your floors and carpets by laying down dust sheets and ensure a tidy finish, removing any debris upon completion. Should you have any inquiries after installation, our support team is available 24/7, at +44 7904 897180. Trust Solar Steve Limited for reliable service and support.


It is essential to engage an approved electrician for the installation of your EV chargepoint. Depending on the provider, the cost of EV charger installation may already be integrated into the charger’s price. Additional work may be necessary in some cases to facilitate home EV charger installation. If standard installation is not inclusive, it is advisable to request a comprehensive upfront quote.

Only a qualified and competent electrician who possesses the requisite qualifications can install an EV charger. They must hold a certification for chargepoint installation and be registered with the Competent Person Scheme. Many EV charger providers offer installation services as part of the purchase package.

The charging speed of your EV at home is contingent upon your car’s maximum charge acceptance rate and the specifications of your charger. Most residences can accommodate charging at up to 7.4kW, typically allowing for overnight charging while you sleep. Cord EV chargers typically operate at 7.4kW. Public charge points often offer faster charging capabilities due to utilising a different charging method (DC), which is typically unavailable at home.

While charging your EV at home incurs costs based on your electricity tariff and the charging time, numerous free public charging points are available throughout the UK. Supermarkets, such as Tesco, offer over 600 charging points nationwide. Moreover, many hotels provide complimentary charging points for guests, and workplaces increasingly install EV charging points for employee use.

Absolutely, it’s possible to install an EV charger at your residence. If you have a driveway, setting up a 3.5kW or 7kW charger typically takes only a few hours and usually doesn’t necessitate any modifications to your existing power supply.