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We are renewable energy specialists providing homes and businesses in the East of England with sustainable energy solutions which significantly lower the cost of energy bills and reduce carbon footprint. We offer a range of services, best solar panels UK, expertise in solar panel installations, battery storage systems and EV chargers.


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At Solar Steve Limited we are committed to helping home owners and businesses make the change to a cleaner future by providing the necessary knowledge and expertise in future focused energy solutions. Customers can enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy by saving money on their energy bills, reducing their carbon footprint and having an overall positive impact on the environment. 

We pride ourselves in excellent craftsmanship of innovative solutions which are suited to your individual needs. Customer care is an integral part of the service we provide and our dedicated team are here for you through every step of your solar journey and beyond.

Best Solar Panels UK


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Best Solar Panels UK

We specialize in high quality solar panel installation which convert sunlight into usable electricity, using greater efficiency panels can generate more power with the same amount of sunlight. By embracing solar energy you can make significant savings on your energy bills whilst taking steps to a greener more sustainable future. Our tailor made solutions will maximize energy efficiency and seamlessly integrate with your properties aesthetics.

We conduct an initial consultation to determine your specific needs, taking into account location and external factors, performance and budget. We will then provide you with a detailed proposal which will include a breakdown of cost and expected energy savings, at any point of this process our team are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Once you are ready to begin your solar journey our certificated team will start the installation process whilst ensuring as little disruption to your home or business as possible.

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Battery Storage

As energy costs continue to rise, it’s crucial to find innovative ways to store excess electricity for later use. We are able to offer solar panels with battery storage that allow you to store and use surplus energy generated by your solar panels. A significant benefit of battery storage is the ability to charge the batteries during off-peak hours. Taking advantage of lower electricity rates at off peak times, means you can maximise your energy savings even further. Our advanced battery systems intelligently manage the charging process, ensuring that you can utilise the stored energy when required.


Zappi 2.1 EV Chargers

As the demands for electric vehicles increase, the need for an efficient EV charging system becomes ever more crucial. We are proud to offer Zappi 2.1 EV chargers for convenient and eco-friendly charging. Our team will install and configure your EV charger so it is tailored to your specific needs. The Zappi 2.1 charger intelligently manages your electric vehicles charging process by charging during off-peak hours and utilising excess solar energy to reduce costs.

EV Charging

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At Solar Steve Limited, we are dedicated to providing reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective energy solutions. We take pride in delivering exceptional service, from the initial consultation to the installation and beyond. Together, let’s make a difference by adopting renewable energy systems and taking significant steps towards a greener and more sustainable future. Contact us today to start your journey towards energy independence and environmental stewardship. Visit our Blogs at Solar Steve Limited for more insights.

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